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Английский язык

1. Начальная школа

2. Средняя школа

3. ОГЭ - английский язык

4. ЕГЭ - английский язык

5. Топики по английскому языку

6. ГДЗ по английскому языку

7. Английский для детей

8. Учебные пособия, самоучители

9. Учебные пособия (на англ. языке)

10. Учебные сайты

Complete PET. Teacher's Book. Heyderman E.


Cambridge University Press, 2014. — 144p. ; 2010. — 144p.

Informed by Cambridge's unique searchable database of real exam scripts, the Cambridge Learner Corpus, and providing an official PET past exam paper from Cambridge ESOL, Complete PET is the most authentic exam preparation course available. The Teacher's Book contains full teacher's notes with extra teaching ideas, photocopiable material including class activities and progress tests, recording scripts and word lists. Student's books with and without answers with CD-ROM, Workbooks (with or without answers) and Class Audio CDs are also available.


Teacher's Book (2014, 144 p.)

Format: pdf 

Size:  86 Mb

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Teacher's Book (2010, 144 p.)

Format: pdf 

Size:  62 Mb

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Complete PET. Student's Book with(out) answers. Heyderman E., May P. (2014, 178p.)

Complete PET. Workbook with(out) answers. May P., Thomas A. (2014, 64p.) (+ Audio) 

Complete PET. Teacher's Book. Heyderman E., May P., Wyatt R. (2014, 144p.) 



Introduction 4
1 Homes and habits 6
Photocopiable activity: The right words 12
Word list: Unit 1 13
2 Student days 14
Photocopiable activity: It's all in the past 20
Word list: Unit 2 21
3 Fun time 22
Photocopiable activity: What's my hobby? 28
Word list: Unit 3 29
Progress test units 1-3 30
4 Our world 33
Photocopiable activity: Absolutely wonderful! 39
Word list: Unit 4 40
5 Feelings 41
Photocopiable activity: What are you talking about? 48
Word list: Unit 5 49
6 Leisure and fashion 50
Photocopiable activity: True or false? 57
Word list: Unit 6 58
Progress test units 4-6 59
7 Out and about 62
Photocopiable activity: Weak word crossword 69
Word list: Unit 7 71
8 This is me! 72
Photocopiable activity: Friends and family 80
Word list: Unit 8 81
9 Fit and healthy 82
Photocopiable activity: Relative clause sentence building 89
Word list: Unit 9 90
Progress test units 7-9 91
10 A question of taste 94
Photocopiable activity: A perfect meal 101
Word list: Unit 10 102
11 Conserving nature 103
Photocopiable activity: Passive connections ' 111
Word list: Unit 11 112
12 What did you say? 113
Photocopiable activity: Reported speech dictation 121
Word list: Unit 12 122
Progress test units 10-12 123
Progress tests: Answers 126
Writing reference: Answers 127
Speaking reference: Answers 129
Authentic past PET paper from Cambridge ESOL: Answers 132
Authentic past PET paper from Cambridge ESOL: Recording script 135
Photocopiable recording scripts 139

What the Teacher's Book contains
• Unit notes for the 12 units of the Student's Book
• state the objectives of each unit
• give step-by-step advice on how to treat each part of each Student's Book unit
• offer a wide range of ideas for extension activities to follow up Student's Book activities
• include a selection of 'alternative treatment' ideas so activities can be adapted to suit different types of learners
• contain comprehensive answer keys for each activity and exercise
• contain complete recording scripts. The sections of text which provide the answers to listening tasks are underlined. There are also six pages of photocopiable recording scripts.
• 12 photocopiable activities, one for each unit,
designed to provide enjoyable recycling of work
done in the Student's Book unit, but without
a specific exam-style focus. All photocopiable activities are accompanied by detailed teacher's notes outlining:
• the objectives of the activity
• a suggested procedure for handling the activity in the classroom.
• 4 photocopiable progress tests, one every three units, to test grammar and vocabulary taught in the units
• 12 photocopiable word lists covering vocabulary encountered in the Student's Book. The vocabulary items are accompanied by definitions supplied by corpus-informed Cambridge dictionaries. These lists can be given to students for private study, reference or revision after they have completed the unit, or for reference while they are working on the unit if you prefer. The lists are intended as an extra tool for extending students' vocabulary.
See below for suggestions on how to use the word lists.

О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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